Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been a while..

I haven't posted in some time. Either I'm too tired to write or just plain didn't feel like it. The miles have ramped up since the last time I posted. Here are some highlights...
1. A Twenty mile run the Friday of mother's day weekend. I met Joe Blackistone at 6:00 am and we were off. I swear it was 100 % humidity. The last ten kicked my ass. I somehow managed to make it to work, where I was...ahem....less than productive.
2. We've had injuries and accidents a plenty. The low-light was losing Maria to a broken arm. We were having a great ride. At the time of the accident we weren't going any more than 10 mph when she touched someone's wheel and went down. Instant broken arm. Highlight of the ordeal: when asked by the EMT to rate her pain level on a scale of 0-10, she replied..."zero."
3. Logan seems to be recovering from his injured shoulder. He's still battling some aches and pains. We all are.
4. As for me, I'm reduced to running about once a week due to heel pain. Still I managed a 7:54 / mile pace off the bike for 13 miles last weekend. This was following 40 brisk miles on the bike.
5. The heel is feeling better, now I have to resist the urge to pound out some useless junk miles in the next two weeks.
6. Getting excited about the race. I find I'm more distracted at the office and at home. Daydreaming about race day. Trusting our that our training has been enough for me to reach my goals.
6. The rainout day two weekend ago was an adventure. Riding through driving rain down Hwy 620 and beating it back to the house with my fellow T3'rs in tow. Nothing like hot cup of coffee and a dry jersey to shake out the chills. 78 miles would have to be enough.
7. The impromptu happy hour that followed helped also. I heart Maudies'
8. Two 100 plus mile rides should be enough. Armadillo Hill Country Classic was great. Mixed it up with some roadies and held my own.
9. CapTexTri was last weekend. The team did great. I was on the boat with T-Pain. :)
10. Getting ready to race.

That's all for now.