Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's On....

And it has been a bit hectic of late. We completed our last few workouts in the past weeks. Trying to recover from the hellish amount of training we've endured. We have ridden in cold, wind, rain and hail. Sometimes all at the same time. We've run in bonechilling cold and stifling humidity that was so bad I drank water the rest of the day and still couldn't get my weight back to normal. We've stood shivering on the deck in January waiting to jump in the pool. And made the mad dash back to the locker room before a layer of ice forms on our wet bodies.

No, all of our workouts have not gone as planned. We've had to cut corners and roll with the punches as family life and factors beyond our control get in the way. But, have we done enough. Time will tell. We have.

We are fewer now than when we started back in January. Some have chosen to drop out because it didn't fit with their current goals. Others have been forced out due to injury. For those who didn't make the journey with us on the roads, you were with us in spirit and for those who were forced out due to injury, I can only say....."This one's for you."

We are ready to depart and do this thing called Ironman. 140.6 miles really doesn't seem that far at this point. Just another long training day with over 2000 of our closest friends. One June 21st in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho at 7:00 am, we will each embark on the day's journey of highs and lows. We've learned something about ourselves this past 6 months. Whatever our motivations for being here, we all seek to push our limits and see what we're made of. Oh....and to hear Mike Reilly say...... "(your name here).....You are an IRONMAN!!!!"

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  1. I'd wish you luck, but luck seems a small part compared to the preperation you must have put in over the last few months. Best wishes.

  2. Good luck, James. You got this.